Khao Sok Nationalpark

a lifetime experience is waiting...

Nice to know

To visit Khao Sok National Park isn't a special challenge, cause Mantra Siam Travel already has taken care of most things, but anyway you might be aware of the following things...

For the elephant trek in the jungle
Bring a towel/blanket to sit on, cause the seats are made of plastic/rubber, why they are very smooth in the heat - you can also use it for kids, who wants to sit on the elephants neck (the hair on the elephants shoulders/neck is like small quills)
Bring a bottle of water - the trek is pretty hot - about 30-45 min. each way
Remember to bring or wear swimsuit, if you like to bath by the waterfall

To stay and overnight in raft house (Cheo Larn Lake)
Towels and swimsuit are very relevant, cause it's obvious to take a swim directly from the raft houses
toilet paper - and no, the toilet facilities aren't to great, but it's there :o)
Torch - the power to the raft village is made by a generator, which turns off about 11 in the evening - then it's dark - really dark :o)
Rational footwear for trekking in the jungle or cave expedition *

For visiting the 'Hill Top Pagoda'
Proper dressing - long sleeves and trousers for women/girls - must cower shoulders and knees - or you might not get inside


Other remarks

Mobile phone won't work in the raft house villages - most part of the area is out of range, but in the places Mantra Siam Travel stays, there is radio contact to the National Park, if it is required...

It's possible to buy beverage (water, soda, beer, whisky etc.) and occasionally also fruit, chips, biscuits and similar things in the raft house villages

Nice experiences in raft house village

Get up in the middle of the night and lie down outside on the bathing jetty and watch a remarkable constellation - have you ever seen so many stars ?

or get up early - 5 or 6 o'clock and watch the dusk and hear nature waking up

 * Cave expedition in the Nam Tu Lu Cave can be rather hard and rough and it's not suitable for people not well walking and for people who don't like dark, water and the animals who lives in such places... :o)

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