Khao Sok Nationalpark

a lifetime experience is waiting...

Khao Sok Nationalpark

is an amazing experience where the nature still is, as it was founded millions of years ago, and where the worlds oldest rainforest still lies in beautiful harmony together with the fantastic limestone cliffs, caves and breathtaking mountain formations

The National Park was officially established as Thailand's 22nd National Park on the 22nd December 1980
Today it covers an area on 739 km2, from which 165 km2 form the huge artificial water reservoir the Cheow Larn lake (Chew Lan / Chiew Larn), which was made from 1982, where the building of the 969 meter long and 94 meter high Ratchaprapha Dam (Rajjaprabha Dam) started

It took almost a year for the 6 rivers, that mouth in the Cheow Larn lake (Chew Lan / Chiew Larn), to fill the enormous delta, which most places since has measured a depth above 50 metres and at the same time has more than 100 islands and submerged landscape with wither tree tops sticking up from the former mainland

All this and the preservation as National Park has made the area more fertile, nature more multitudinous and the general impression even more scenario with a inconceivable reigning silence and a lovely feeling of being one with nature

A fantastic experience for sight, body and mind...


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